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AntSim v1.1 - Ant Colony Algorithms

AntSim v1.1

A Simulation of Ant Colony Algorithms.

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AntSim is a simple simulation of an ant colony, starting from its nest and exploring an unknown environment for food.
They only communicate with each other by dropping
chemicals on their way when they have found a food
Each single ant knows nothing more about the
environment than what is on the 8 fields by which
it is surrounded. It can smell the pheromone
(chemicals) on these fields and it sees other ants
on that field (for collision control). Further it
remembers the path it traveled. That's all an ant
knows, all the other showed values are for user
evaluation and statistics for the applied settings.
Nevertheless the ants will find, depending on the
simulation settings, a quite reasonable solution
after some time. The secret of their approach is
their corporation. So it's possible for relatively
limited organisms to solve relatively complex tasks,
like gain orientation in a environment they can't



Windows application
AntSim v1.1 (RAR Archive, 851 KB)

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